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The Print Factory is a mobile public art intervention. It hosts portable printmaking workshops on random street corners and in art galleries across the United States. All of the tools are hand-crafted by Print Factory Crewmembers, including a series of wooden printing presses and some smaller automated models, as well as the portable carts, crates and backpack carriers designed specifically for the cities in which they are used.

Each person who encounters a Print Factory Workshop is given an opportunity to have a hands-on engagement with the printmaking process and to take home a free print from a local artist. People can watch being the print being made while learning about Gutenberg, art, and the information revolution that began with the invention of movable type. Or, they can just look and choose from the array of images that float on the clothes lines surrounding the factory. Print Factory members are happy to share knowledge with anyone about how printing works, or even provide information about how to build their own press.

Local artists help to build up the Print Factory library by donating original plates. Each print is marked on the back with a Print Factory stamp of authenticity that includes the artist’s name – making it part of a growing collaborative catalogue while at the same time recognizing the individual who designed it.

The public nature of the engagement sparks dialogue about the processes behind printmaking and the historical impact of the multiple in everyday life. Sharing the process and the product of printmaking stimulate community by provoking questions about the utility of printmaking and the nature of art.

If you would like to start a Print Factory in your own city check out our line of Autominis and Travel Kits, and email us!

Travel Kit
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The original automatic printing press