Print Factory prints in public


This is not your dad’s brick & mortar print shop. The printing presses made by the Craft & Concept team are used as mobile printing factories that travel everywhere to share fine art printing as a process. The Print Factory spurs a conversation about the printed image, and its place in our society. Showing how presses reproduce images & information is part of reminding people how the information age began. The lasting effects of printing technology are part of our society more than ever. The Print Factory project’s goal was showing how the freedom to access information changed the way we live, while sharing the prints from our artists.

Since 2007, the Print Factory has promoted individual artists and the printmaking form in locations across the continental United States. After designing and fabricating mobile presses, Print Factory members and represented artists use these tools to demonstrate the printing process with the public at community events. These mobile print shops connect artists with wider audiences and help shape new printed-matter enthusiasts—interactions between artists, prints, presses, and printers encourage the flow of verbal communication.

The Print Factory’s public art initiative took place from 2007 to 2014. Making a place for print artists to share the process and the product of their art, Print Factory organizers helped host many events across the country demonstrating the importance of the print, and collecting art.


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The Print Factory is public art made by Craft & Concept.





























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