Printing Presses

DSC_0859IMG_4633IMG_0685Black walnut etching pressIMG_0125IMG_1920



The wooden etching presses that Craft & Concept makes are built one at a time, for one person at a time. The presses are extremely reliable, and much more portable than a steel etching press. These presses can be equipped with a standard steel drum, or the C&C baltic birch drum.

The Self Contained Outdoor Printing Equipment is a backpack print shop made for public transit. Made out of the desire to take a printing press anywhere, the aluminum proofing press can fit in overhead bid compartments or on the back of a bike. To find out more about the backpack printing presses, look under the S.C.O.P.E. tabs under printing presses, or send an email to us below.

While we made our printing presses for public engagement and mobility, these presses can print relief and etching in any studio or school environment. These printing presses are made with artists and teachers in mind. The wooden etching presses can be ordered as table top models, or a  free standing press with legs. Craft & Concept stands behind everything we make, and look forward to answering any questions about custom etching presses, our backpack printing presses, or anything else that Craft & Concept creates.

To find out more about our presses, contact us at

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