Craft & Concept proofing press assembly steps

There are 10 files for the assembly of the proofing press. One is a master, or complete rendering of the press (using a small cabinet as a base). The other nine files are parts and exploded views of assemblies. There will also be a file that is a manual with instructions. This proofing press is the most DIY set of plans we offer. Depending on the hardware store, it is possible to buy everything you need to make a small proofing press at your locally owned hardware store. You can change the height of your proofing press to type high or any other height simply by making the aluminum angle at the exact right height  or a raised bed etc. Choosing what you use as a base is the first step before you start to buy materials. As noted these files show a small cabinet made for two drawers that hold all the tools and paper. The S.C.O.P.E. is this press on a backpack which also holds the materials and tools. A proofing press this size can be put on almost anything that is flat! The easiest way is a piece of thick wood or metal of course.

The images below are taken from the Google Sketch Up files we used to make the manual. To receive a kit with the files, carriage parts, materials lists etc, please contact us at The starter kit for the proofing press costs 65 USD.


These are the assembly steps for a cabinet based proofing press


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Shown is a small cabinet we made for this press to hold the tools and materials.



The steel axle is held in place by a strong ply or plastic ring that centers the axle inside the 1/4″ aluminum pipe that serves as the drum


This is the carriage that both travels the drum back and forth, but also what makes pressure from the drum to the printing block.


The accuracy of bearing alignment is a crucial part of how well the press works.



The bearing journal houses the ball bearing that spins the axle. The other two holes bolt the bearing journal to the carriage.


This is how the carriage assembly looks without the drum and axle. The all thread that connects the two carriages can be adjusted and tweaked after the press is completely assembled and during assembly.

This does not all need to be assembled at the very same time, but it is a good reference for understanding the assembly process.


You can assemble this completely off the rails of the press. By removing the lower riding bearings or one of the rails, the assembly can be taken on and off the press bed.

Use a piece of plywood or mdf shown in between two rails as a spacer to make sure both rails are parallel.


The proofing press can use chipboard instead of felts if you are trying to use it as a relief press. And it can always be made to print type by making the bed type high and buying or making a lock for the type.



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