download blueprints

Craft & Concept blueprints are online!


We have some Google Sketchup files of some of the presses available on request. Google Sketchup is free Google software that you can download easily for any computer at You may also need to update your version 8.0 in order to view the files. If you are unfamiliar with the program we suggest you take the tutorial so that you can see how to rotate and navigate around the renderings of the parts.

Most of the blueprints or plans we have are in pdf form, or a Google Sketchup. We will have an autocad file for our newest two presses available.

Kits with more detailed instructions, key parts, and technical support from C&C are always available as well. You can find out more about a press building kit by sending an email to Thanks for connecting with Craft & Concept and good luck with your press building!

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