Thre New Orleans GlassWorks and Printmaking Studio

The Print Factory in New Orleans

The New Orleans GlassWorks and Printmaking Studio has a large studio for printmaking and glass work. The large studio hosts classes and one day workshops teaching students in the craft of glass and print. The studio school is a strong part of the New Orleans arts district and hosted a Print Factory workshop to show students how to make their own proofing press. The one day workshop consisted of showing the students about how the parts are designed, shaped, and assembled. The proofing press that we built during the workshop is now part of the NOGPS school. The press also holds all of the paper, tools, and misc items needed to use the press. Because of theĀ  size of the press, and the drawers that hold the materials and tools, it is a mobile proofing press. The proofing press will be taken on site all over the New Orleans area to promote the NOGPS school. The press will not only be used to bring more students to the school, it can be used for on site classes and even outdoor events all around the city. The proofing press itself is made of aluminum, except the bearing journals, which are made of wood. Using a felt the proofing press makes great prints off of a linoleum block. The parts for the press were made in Craft & Concept’s shop in Kansas City Missouri before hand and brought to New Orleans mostly complete. We finished the parts with the students as we explained the necessity of each piece. The New Orleans GlassWorks and Printmaking Studio offers various classes year round and can be found at Craft & Concept offers printing presses, blueprints and kits for the presses we make and offer classes and workshops. Check out the presses tab on our page to see some of the presses we have come up with. Make sure to check us out on facebook at and like our page!