Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair

Print Factory goes to Silver Springs

The Print Factory participated in this years Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. Two days of speakers, demonstrations, and public printmaking made great opportunities for print media networking and plans for collaboration. Mobile print artists Pilar Nadal and Pepe Coronado showed how their mobile printmaking studios engage the public in different northeast communities. The Coronado Press displayed work and was on the mobile studios panel. The Tired Press was also on the mobile studios panel and demonstrated a mobile post card print shop with mailing services available on Saturday and Sunday. The Print Factory demonstrated the S.C.O.P.E. backpack printing press and presented The Print Factory at the conference. Other artists, publishers, book makers, and arts organizations displayed their work, and demonstrated how they support the art of the print and the book. The Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is based in Silver Springs, Maryland, and the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair is a biannual event that encompasses print artists of all kinds. To find out more about this years conference go to